Planning a novel

Just got yourself a job at Caldbeck 2015 ‘Story Planning Workshop – RK’

The (W)rites of Rob Knipe

Planning a novel can often feel a little daunting, or, as I always used to feel, like a massive pain in the arse and a waste of time. When I wrote A Heist too far and The Good, the Mad and the Undead, I wrote them start to finish, with only a few small pages of notes for each one. Although it worked well enough, and the story was there, I can’t help but feel that they would have been better if I’d have planned them more thoroughly and edited them better (more better? 😉 ).

IMG_5132 Extensive notes on things to add to the second draft of The Good, the Mad and the Undead.

From the one above, I realised that I probably needed a bit more planning, especially when it came to writing A Game of Two Halves this year, when I just couldn’t mentally keep track of which team played…

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