Cumbria Way – Day Three (and Four)

No, I’m not cheating and trying to save space. When all was going so swimmingly well (literally) There was a disaster on Day Three. THE GIRLS GOT LOST!!!

So the days merged into one as they added an extra 10k and 2.5 hours onto the already testing 5 day walk. Thank you to all Lucy’s sponsors, the girls are really giving value for money!!!

But, I blame The National Park with this sign. It’s clearly pointing the wrong way. Susan will be having strong words!

This way!! on the other hand just keep talking and follow your nose
If we close our eyes, they might think we’ve not here

DAY THREE. Wednesday did start really well though. The merry band were joined by ‘Gertie’ and Sharon. This morning walk starts in the awesome Langdale Valley as ‘Team Lucy’ heads off behind the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel into the wide and untouched Mickledon Valley before heading uphill and over the wild Stake Pass route. The path heads round the right hand side of the Hikers Bar and then heads left behind the hotel until it reaches a wooden gateway onto the Mickledon bridleway path. Once through the gate the girls head up the bridleway into the Mickledon Valley. On the right are the steep slopes of Langdale Fell coming down from the Langdale Pikes and to the left is the ridge heading up to Bowfell known as The Band. In the bottom of the valley the Mickledon Beck snakes its way beautifully through the valley floor. At the very far end of the valley at a point where there is a tiny wooden footbridge over Stake Gill tumbling down from Stake Pass.


After about 3.5 to 4 hours walking and climbing,  taking in some  great views……..

CIMG0924 CIMG0934 CIMG0926









………the sun was shining, the gossip and crack were good, the views were fantastic, what could possibly go wrong?




They reach the top of the fell and turn around to enjoy the view and to admire their successful climb to date. But something didn’t seem right, the view and the pike were exceptional, but something was wrong? 

Rosset Pike
Rossett Pike. Really really nice Fell……., but the wrong one!

To cut the story short, the girls had missed a path that joined the valleys, which is easy done at the best of times as many are not even sign posted . In true pioneering spirit, they circled the wagons (metaphorically) and walked to Grange in Borrowdale and arrived at circa 6/6.30pm in the dark. They then commenced Day Four from Grange in Borrowdale instead of Keswick the following morning.


The village of Grange is situated at the entrance to the ‘Jaws of Borrowdale‘, where the valley squeezes between Grange Fell and Castle Crag. Bridge at GrangeThe impressive double-arched bridge over the River Derwent was built in 1675, but the hamlet’s origins are much earlier; in medieval times the monks of Furness Abbey occupied and owned most of the land.




I don’t think the girls needed a ‘Helping Hand’ but it made a nice photo from Derwentwater!!

This is a good one of Lucy and Shortie. I'll close my eyes again so they can't see me.
This is a good one of Lucy and Shortie. I’ll close my eyes again so they can’t see me.










The team starts to ascend from Keswick and finally to the top of Latrigg.

CIMG0968 CIMG0969









Great views of the stream from the Valley between Keswick and Threlkeld.








Then finally the girls moved from Skiddaw House and finished in Mosedale, where they will start DAY FIVE.




It’s 4 o’clock but Lucy hasn’t finished yet……………..


Lucy ‘I was just thinking, you know we forgot the dinghy? If I was to collect lots of these sticks, and if someone has packed a ball of string………’








‘Okay okay, I can see that ‘doesn’t float your boat’

‘I’ll stick to sheep then’

Finally, some real work!! Right, how many sheep do you need in here!!!
Finally, some real work!! Right, how many sheep do you need in there!!!






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