Lapidus – Writing For Wellbeing

I’ve contacted Lapidus through my PhD research on ‘Creativity in the Bereavement process’ and have been invited to contribute my findings through a journal or blog, aimed at a relevant audience.

This is a fantastic organisation and charity that supports many areas in society including mental health and other social issues through…..Words for Wellbeing

Writing For Wellbeing

There is a growing body of research and evidence which supports the benefits of writing for physical and emotional health and wellbeing. The US social psychologist Professor James Pennebaker is at the forefront. His studies have shown that expressive writing can make you healthier and happier.

In the UK Dr Gillie Bolton, Research Fellow in Medical Humanities at Sheffield University, has based her practice and research around writing since discovering it’s potential for uncovering “the enduring self”. In her book The Therapeutic Potential of Creative Writingshe says, “Writing is a means of making sense of experience, and of arriving at a deeper understanding of the self.” 

They have organised a full day at Chester University to celebrate their 20th Birthday, details can be found below……

Click here for details on the Lapidus Event


There are exciting workshops, talks,  performance and networking on offer at this year’s 20th Anniversary event at the University of Chester on the 14th May:

  • “You Have to Laugh…..Or Do You?” Marie Larkin introduces comedy writing for stress management…
  • “Learning to fly: Harnessing metaphor in reflective writing” with Anne Taylor, exploring ‘clean language questioning’ with reflective writing to identify personal metaphors…
  • Diana Hedges, author of ‘Poetry, Therapy and Emotional Life’, introduces “Bibliotherapy – a celebration!”…
  • “Courage to Be Me – Understanding the Mother – Daughter Relationship” with counsellor, life coach and poetry therapist, Charmaine Pollard…
  • “The Poetry Exchange introduces Poems As Friends” – Fiona Lesley Bennett combines readings, curated audio and discussion, to explore aspects of voice, deep listening and the spaces between the written and spoken word
  • Keynote speaker and founding Lapidus member, Cheryl Moskowitz, will offer insight into our writing for wellbeing journeys…
  • Keynote speaker Simon Poole, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Children’s Services at University of Chester, will condiser the tension between Creativity and Tradition, through songwriting (and song)…
  • There’ll also be the chance to perform your own work in the Open Mic, as well as to win inspiring reading in the Book Raffle!

2 thoughts on “Lapidus – Writing For Wellbeing

    1. Hi Mike, many thanks. We haven’t stopped since the MA and have continued the workshops. Mary, Gwyneth and me have been meeting in Liverpool every 3 or 4 weeks but in the same position as you. I have circa 30,000 words for the original work, so I feel slightly ahead of the game. Hope you’re we’ll and we’ll see you at LJMU soon!!

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