Cumbrian Lad gives Will a little support

P1110255Will didn’t have a brilliant start to his life after being diagnosed with leukaemia. However, (drum roll) this year he has completed his senior education at Ullswater Community College (UCC) and has won a place at Newton Rigg College, going on to study Business. His Mum Karen, has worked super hard and is super proud of his achievement, as are the staff at UCC.

But to carry on to Newton Rigg, Will needed some specialised voice software that allows him to interact with a PC, and translate his spoken word to text.

This is where Cumbrian Lad steps in with their small bursary scheme. We were contacted by Heather Hopkinson from UCC and then by Will and Karen to see if we could help.

We managed to locate a copy of the Dragon software that he needed and we met with Will and his Mum this week on Wednesday 9th to present it to him, already pre-installed on a laptop.

Will is a very positive and happy young man with an easy smile, and we too are proud we could make a little difference to his educational experience.

Best of luck for the future Will, and of course to you too Mum!!

Cumbrian Lad

There is still funding available so please Click here to apply

One thought on “Cumbrian Lad gives Will a little support

  1. Beautiful 💙 What a pleasure to of met you Ian ..will and me will always be grateful for your kindness .As i no there is lots of children out there fighting different issues .from our hearts big Thank you . Also wills Favourite teacher Heather Hopkinson..not just teacher to will .a lady in my heart that understood my Will and went that one step more out of her way ..Thank you sooooo much 💙😃 I will update to let you no how will gets on in the future xxx

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