Cumbria Way – Day One

Susan came into the bedroom at 8am, gave me a good shake and said ‘We’re off, see you later’ I grunted and turned over. I woke again in a panic as I heard the car heading down the drive. I thought, ‘OMG, I hope they’ve packed the inflatable dinghy,’ but it was too late, they’d gone.

Coniston is the other way girls!!!
Coniston is the other way girls!!!

Always a good sign when everything starts on time. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from ‘Team Lucy’.  However, I was worried. I didn’t get the first update until 15.02. A welcome text from Susan saying ’19k, just at Beacon Tarn. Stopped raining.’

Then a text at 4.10. ‘Just sent you a picture, stepping stones over the River Torver’.

'Damn, knew that inflatable dinghy would have come in handy. Never mind, we did pack the hair dryer and tongs
‘Damn, knew that inflatable dinghy would have come in handy. Never mind, we did pack the hair dryer and tongs

They promised me that they had practiced taking ‘Selfies’ for the Lucy Log, none of that dedicated training seems to have come through yet, but, it is only day 1 and still 4 to go.

Text at 18.20 ‘Just arrived’ (At Coniston)

However, Susan is going to have a serious legal discussion with the ordnance survey map people as her next text said, ‘It was longer than it (O S Map) said. I bet it was 30k!! Oh dear, I wouldn’t like to be on the wrong side of that phone call.

Final communication at 20.13 ‘In bed, everyone crashed!’

However, the reporter never sleeps. I did manage to recover a couple more photos from a very soggy, but rewarding day’s walk

Sandy 'Right, according to the map, it's straight on' Lucy ' I think it's over there' Shorty 'Trust me, it's that way'
Sandy ‘Right, according to the map, it’s straight on’
Lucy ‘ I think it’s over there’
Shorty ‘Trust me, it’s that way’

And finally, a bridge too far and a mist descending over Blawith.



Sleep tight ladies and lets have the update for Day Two with a few more ‘Selfies’, Facebook expects, no demands it! However, Paypal doesn’t sleep either, if you feel generous, please donate here;

Cumbrian Way Countdown D Day- minus three

Day bag packed, unpacked, swapped for another one thats a nicer colour, packed unpacked.

Survival kit inventory check: Lipstick – check. mascara – check, Coco Channel – check, chocolate – check, pear drops – check, doggie treats – check, ordnance survey map – not enough room. ‘I know, I’ll take a picture of the route on my phone and we can follow that, what can possibly go wrong?’

Cumbria way-p1
Right, start at Ulverston, does anyone know where that is?