Irvine Hunt

I went to Irvines latest book launch last night in Penrith (04 November 2014) and shared a glass of wine with him, his publisher, his wife and daughter, and other guests. He gave a talk on his new book ‘The Ghost Show’  which was a riveting discussion about the past, old Cumbria, and the start of the cinematic age.

I bought the book and will discuss in my ‘Recommended Reads’ section once digested…


Irvine Hunt’s latest book, The Ghost Show, is his second novel and is the follow-on adventure to The Drover’s Boy. At seven he wrote an exercise book full of poems and an excited aunt said Oh, and took them to show a publisher, and the poems somehow weren’t seen again.

A colourful literary life has included five years in Fleet Street on the foreign desk at The Daily Telegraph, film making in Norway, personal assistant to the general manager at the National Film Theatre and a lecturer for the British Film Institute on the origins of early films.

For two years he lived in Norway and for seven months trekked round Spain and Portugal. He lives in the English Lake District, and in addition to the above titles has published several other books, below.


Stories, novels and other books by Irvine Hunt.

The Ghost Show 

Sixteen year old Henry has lost his job and faces a dismal future… Then an amazing ghost show enters his life. Fiction

The Drover’s Boy

Young Henry walks 600 geese to market, with a cantankerous drover. When the journey ends, will there be any going back? Fiction

Wild Runaways

Two wily Lakeland sheep, Maggie and Poss, escape from a Yorkshire farm, and tailed by an unknown ewe struggle back to the Lake District fells. Fiction

Road to Paradise

Fourteen engaging tales of ordinary Cumbrians set in the old counties of Cumberland, Westmorland and Furness. Fiction

A Young Man Afoot Spain & Portugal 1960s

For seven months Irvine Hunt trekked round Spain and Portugal, and fell in with other young adventurous travellers.

Norman Nicholson’s Lakeland

A rich prose anthology by a leading Cumbrian poet. Edited by Irvine Hunt, with illustrations by
Bill Wilkinson

Dating the Witch

Short stories. A boy came along and he knew Agnes wasn’t a witch. She couldn’t be, witches didn’t exist. Fiction

Cub Reporter

A much-liked family newspaper, where every name in print helped to sell a copy. Irvine was the Cub.

Lakeland Yesterday Vol I

The English Lake District of a century ago graphically portrayed in words and nearly 200 old photographs.

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