More than a sonnet



Before I know it you’re six, missing teeth,

and legs stretching  beyond belief.

I hardly recognise that porcelain face,

that toothless smile seems out of place.


What’s happened since Iraq invaded,

a blond, and engaging laugh pervaded,

chattering sibling, fighting for attention,

summer house, a Christmas Child, family perfection?


I never seem to find the time,

for important things like nursery rhyme,

double cuddles, tucked up tight,

football, tennis, or your fluttering kite.


But, I offer; single occupancy and shoes,

first hand clothes, religion and news.

I’ll also give, hidden culture and Vicargate,

security, I’ll fight naivety and negotiate.


Even now, I check to see if you still breath,

I touch your head, extinguish the light, and leave.

I’m Back Blogging

Once the most beautiful part of the UK

In June 2014, my barrister received a solicitors letter telling me I had to take certain comments off my blog, as it was ‘detrimental’ to their clients case. On advice from the Police I complied with the request and also didn’t post anything further. To everyone who was following my blog and the legal debate, please accept my sincere apologies.

Aspects of the British justice system will be questioned and debated again, as will all writerly stuff, mine and mainly others.