Remember with Love

Remember with Love is a compassionate and essential guide for children aged 4 to 11 who are dealing with the heartache of losing a cherished family pet. As a family, we’ve just experienced the loss of Lucy. She was a border collie and 11 years old. However, she belonged to our son, Dom, and we inherited her after Dom was killed. It was the loss of Lucy that inspired me to write this guide for small ones. After Lucy died and knowing what she meant to Dom and to us, I approached the book looking through a child’s lens. Consequently, I’ve crafted a tender and understanding resource that gently helps young minds navigate the complex emotions surrounding pet loss.

Remember with Love is not just a book; it’s a comforting companion that honours the bond between children and their pets, providing a path towards healing and remembrance during a difficult time.

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Understanding Loss with Compassion

Expressing Emotions and Healing

Honouring Memories and Celebrating Life

Supportive Family and Caregivers

The Journey of Closure and Resilience

Part One

Simple Explanations

In the first half of the book, parents will find a thoughtful and accessible tool to discuss the concepts of death, dying, and grief with their children, even for those too young to read. Using simple language and heartfelt explanations, I’ve provide a framework for parents to explain the loss of a beloved pet in a way that is both comforting and understandable for little ones.

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Understanding Death

Expressing Emotions

Honouring Memories

Support from Loved Ones

The Circle of Life

Finding Closure

Part Two

Writing and Drawing

The second half of Remember with Love is a journal filled with over 100 prompts designed to encourage children to express their feelings about their furry friends. For those too young to write, drawing and creating collages become a means of sharing their emotions. These prompts address themes like love, loss, and the joy of memories, helping children process their grief in a healthy and creative way.

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Remembering with Love


Expressive Art

The Journey of Healing

Understanding Loss

Family and Pet Bonds

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