Writing, Grief, And Other Minds

Why do I Write?

To Learn

When I research and write, I learn something every day that I can also pass on.

To Teach

The world is full of misinformation. We can change that when we find the truth.

To Grieve

When someone close dies, we need to create their literary DNA so they can be remembered.

To Grow

We can only move on when we are creative and self-expressive. It doesn’t matter which.


Hi, I’m Ian, a

Writer and Author in the Lakes

“He’s got it all” I hear you say, a writer AND he lives in the Lake District. It’s true, I live in a place steeped in history and mystery, with breathtaking vistas, a place of inspiration, and the home of inspirational people. I’m not sure I’d want to live anywhere else in the world – apart from 1920’s New York City before the crash – and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

I observe and I write of things you may or may not agree with, either way. It doesn’t matter if you laugh, cry, or disagree with me. I only want a reaction to show me that you’re alive.

Of course, in reality like most writers, I do do something else and I work with Cumbrian businesses and advise them on all things business. Happily though, I even get to write about that and published my first business book in 2019 called The Awesome Power of Questions.  

It’s not your typical self-help book about business as I bring Socrates, dating, Rudyard Kipling, and Einstein into the conversation.  Click here if you want to read more about it.

My Work


Novels and short stories.

I P Loftus


Autoethnography, essays, self-help books, and op-eds.

I P Loftus

Other Writing

Screenplays, poetry, and other scribblings.

From the Blog

Grief and Other Minds

Grief and Other Minds

If your child dies before you do, you know it isn't the natural order of things. It kicks the well-meaning duality of Yin and Yang in the groin. A child that dies before you is outside the cycle of the earth around the sun or the shadow of the earth on the moon....

Other Minds

Other Minds

When you're grieving you literally leave your mind. In my case to the point of questioning what is going on in other people's minds. "Don't you know Dom is dead? What the fuck is up with you??" It's insane, but you start to think that no one else cares or even has any...

Flying Solo

Flying Solo

How long have you been writing that book? Have you bitten the bullet and actually started or are you staring at a blank page? I know a very successful writer, well he is now, who, for the first twelve years of his writing career didn't write a single word. He still...

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